A video summary of the three meetings

Working on web marketing and SEO with Uhtna school’s 8th form.

From 18.02.2019 to 25.03.2019, 8th from students spent 6 academic lessons on creating their own e-shops, hearing about SEO (search engine optimization) and  set up their newly done website’s SEO for a better position in the hierarchy of search engine results. The students also brainstormed for web marketing and SEO, creating posters that assemble their knowledge about SEO and web marketing.

Ceramics workshop in Kiltsi school


On 26/11/2018 students from Uhtna school took part of a workshop in Kiltsi school. Our students and teachers tried out painting on ceramics. Refugees from Vao – a nearby village – also took part of the activity.


An integrated lesson about comb and cord pottery.

A presentation about comb and cord pottery

A presentation about a workshop for making gift boxes – Estonia

Making gift boxes



The LTTA meeting in Uhtna – 07/10/2018-12/10/2018


The LTTA meeting was held in Uhtna Põhikool, Uhtna, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia from 7th October to 12th of October. Six students and three teachers from each partner school with host students and host school teachers took part of the project meeting. The main keyword of the Estonian meeting was web marketing, but various crafting workshops were also held. The participants took part of excursions to get to know Estonia – and everything related – better.


All students met their host families. The teachers were  accommodated in hotel Aqua and hotel Wesenbergh.



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Following activities were carried out:

  • Various ice breaking social activities for students were carried out by teacher Sirje Rebane, Karmo Lugima and Lea Metsis.  The intend was to make the pupils more comfortable and to get to know each other better.
  • The teachers visited Rakvere Town Municipality Government and met  the Mayor Mr Marko Torm and Rakvere Rural Municipality Government, meeting with the head of the municipality government Mr Maido Nõlvak.
  • The pupils took part of a practical workshop where WordPress content management system platform and WooCommerce WordPress eCommerce plugin was introduced to them. Then the pupils proceeded to follow the ICT teacher’s instructions first on how to log on to WordPress, then on how to install the WooCommerce plug-in that would add eCommerce functionality to our simple WordPress website. The site was modified by teacher’s instructions and the required forms were filled and actions done were so it would appear as a regular electronic shop. A sample product was then added. The children got to browse their new e-shop and test out the functionality after they were done following the teacher’s instructions.
    • In the course of creating the e-shops, the students were split in pairs. Each pair of students got to make their own e-shop. Six Estonian host students were left out of the process and instead, they were given the supervisor role to make sure the foreign students get help if needed. This method proved to be a success, as the 6 Estonian students chosen from 12 were good with tech and English. They were also familiar with the ICT teacher’s methods, accent, the computers etc. 12+1 e-shops were made by the end of the 3 hour lesson.
    • A slideshow for web marketing / ecommerce practical workshop.
    • Links for the e-shops made in the web marketing workshop on 08/10/2018
# Number URL
Estonian teacher
Spanish students 1.
Italian students 4.
Latvian students 7.
Estonian students 10.


  • Everybody had lunch in the school canteen.
  • Everybody took part of the salutations and concert that was held in the school hall. Each school’s representative teacher got to greet the local pupils and a video introduction of Uhtna Põhikool was shown. 
    Afterwards, the local pupils performed on the stage.
  • A coffee break was held.
  • Four different crafts workshops for pupils launched for the next 2.5 hours.
    • Teacher Urve Udu held the clay workshops to create necklaces or hand bands.
    • Teacher Jaana Kangro held the wool felting class to create keyrings made of wool.
    • Teacher Evelin Teppo held a workshop for making postcards.
    • Preschool teachers Helle Pikkoja, Laidi Plotnik and Inge Pikkoja held a workshop for practising calligraphy.
  • Dinner for teachers in Ararat Grill.




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  • A lecture about digital marketing. An interactive presentation was used by the ICT teacher, where students could answer questions on and give some feedback of their previous knowledge and on what they had learned. The pupils were taught about what digital marketing is. The difference between digital and traditional marketing was explained. And finally, more details about digital marketing were taught. The lecture was 45 minutes long.
  • Four different crafts workshops launched for the next 4 hours.
    • The clay workshop.
    • The wool felting workshop.
    • A cooking workshop was held by teacher Riina Orgus. The pupils were making roll biscuits and other treats.
    • A wood work workshop was held by teacher Veiko Pärnak. The pupils were crafting wooden knitting forks.
  • An assembly for the teachers was held and carried out.
  • Everybody had lunch in the school canteen.
  • A cultural and social meeting was held at  the school  hall with the people of the local community. Various artists performed – the local pupils, choir, dancers, dance groups and ensembles.
  • Official dinner for teachers and students of the project, hosts and performers took place.
  • A disco for everyone involved



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  • A study tour to Viru Bog by bus for everyone. The pupils got to know about the local nature as the guide explained the fauna, flora and how Estonian bogs are born.
  • Lunch in Viitna for everyone.
  • An Adventure in Sagadi manor. During big reorganisations important chapters of the rich history of Sagadi manor were lost. This picaresque detective game led the pupils from nowadays designations to the markers form the past which will helped them to restore and complete the historical picture of Sagadi and to get to know the Estonian nature. A workshop for creating a wooden coaster was also carried out in


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  • A web marketing workshop for pupils to start adding products made in Estonia to each pair of student’s e-shop (2×45 minutes).
    • Fixing technical problems that have come up.
    • Rehearsal on how to upload products onto the e-shop.
    • Moving pictures made of done products on the school’s computers.
      • Individual work of uploading the products onto the e-shop (45 minutes).
  • An assembly for the teachers was held and carried out.
  • Teachers got to visit the kindergarten.
  • Three different crafts workshops launched for the next 2 hours.
    • Diana Pähkel held the workshop for making gift boxes.
    • The clay workshop.
    • The cooking workshop.
  • Lunch in the school canteen.
  • A coach for a study trip to Rakvere Castle:
    • History room
    • The chamber of torture.
    • Hell, and the chamber of death.
    • The Sword exhibition
    • Barber’s and healer’s room
    • The chamber of science
    • Communicating with animals
  • Dinner for teachers and students in Cafe Päts
  • A farewell evening/dinner for teachers in a historic theme.
    • The Lahemaa National Musicians performed by dancing, singing and hosting games  old-fashioned games, told everyone about the history behind.


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  • A study trip to Tallinn
    • A guided tour in Tallinn Old Town
    • Lunch in LIDO

Summaries of the surveys carried out in Estonia.

Erasmus+ Feedback questionnaire (teachers)


Erasmus+ project`s expectations questionnaire (students)


Erasmus+ Feedback questionnaire (students)

An article about the meeting on the local municipality newspaper.

Video of the craft workshops that took place on the 1st of June in Uhtna, Estonia.

A powerpoint presentation about the workshops (01/06/2018)


On the 1st of June five different craft workshops took place in cooperation with the seven students from Vao refugees’ centre in Estonia.

Making gift boxes at Uhtna school on 05/18.

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On 24/05/18 we had a handicraft wokshop of making gift boxes with the retired and unemployed people from the local community.

There was lovely and spirited cooperation between our pupils and the grown-ups. The teachers were Kadri and Diana.

Traditions of crafts and exhibitions at Uhtna school from 1986 – 2018

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A presentation about the Estonian archaic embroidery.

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A presentation about Estonia.

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