Project meeting

     The first project meeting of the strategic partnership “From Tradition to the Future: Ancient Crafts and New Entrepreneurial Possibilities for Young People”, financed by the Erasmus plus program of the European Commission, was held in Frosinone, Italy, from 26th to 30th November 2017. The Italian State Secondary School for Scientific Studies “Francesco Severi”, Frosinone, Italy, will coordinate a strategic partnership, including four European schools: IES VIllalba Hervás of La Orotava, Tenerife (Spain); Uhtna Põhikool of Uhtna (Estonia); and Ludzas Pilsetas Gimnazija of Ludza (Latvia).
The presentation of the project, with delegations of foreign teachers from the four partner schools, was necessary to plan all the organizational and logistic aspects of the project activities. At the head school of the partnership, the project will be managed by the Erasmus plus KA2 teachers’ group, coordinated by Mrs. Annadora Riondino, responsible for Intercultural and European projects at Liceo Francesco Severi.

Pottery Workshop

    The Pottery Workshop at the Italian State Secondary School for Scientific Studies “Francesco Severi”, Frosinone, coordinated by Mrs. Teresa Zona, has started working with a group of seven students and four well-integrated refugees who are working on the creation of various artefacts for alimentary use to contain products from our territory with decorations inspired by flora and fauna, but not only.

    In every lesson a different object, theme and technique is experimented by the participants. For example ancient handmade baskets typical of rural work, imprints which contain the signs of the passage of nature on plates and bowls which can contain typical products like “gelato”. Some of the techniques include: coil with glazing, white clay with glazing, slip (engobe) with enamels and glazing.

Video Pottery lab

Charity market photo gallery

Pottery lab catalogue

pottery lab observation worksheets

A trip to Pastena following the footsteps of Ancient Crafts

     One of the activities linked to the Erasmus Project is the visit, on the 20th February 2018, to the Museum of Peasant Civilization and of Olives in Pastena (near Frosinone), which contains objects of the life of peasants in our territory by the ERASMUS KA2 students and teachers. The museum is situated in an old mill, which shows how oil was produced, its economic importance and social value. The original nucleus was born thanks to the initiative of a group of inhabitants of Pastena, who wanted to create a small collection of objects regarding the agricultural and pastoral traditions of the area in 1983.  Ten years later the Town Council of Pastena decided to establish a museum, rebuilding the rooms that later have become part of the exhibition. During past years the collection has extended thanks to donations, on behalf of citizens, of objects belonging to their family history.

     Currently the museum consists of thirteen rooms, organized on two floors, which hold more than 800 objects among utensils, photographs and machinery of that period. There are typical objects of the peasant tradition and world of work, but also typical rooms of the houses of that period, like the kitchen and the bedroom. The traditions illustrated in the tour echo the numerous celebrations that take place each year at Pastena, each full of religious and social symbolism. The “Maggio” is very famous where the pagan traditions fuse with Christian religious elements. The Museum is hosted in the Town Hall built in 1879 by the Trani family.

Link to video:

The Fair of Handmade Chocolate

In February 2018 a group of students visited Choco Frosinone , the Fair of Handmade Chocolate, and interviewed a Master Chocolatier to discover more about this ancient , delicious production. 

Handmade chocolate is made with passion Interview to a craftsman.

Italian team in Latvia

Link to video:

Creative workshops in Ludza -DEFINITIVE

An article on a local newspaper


Italian team in Estonia

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Workshop erasmus Estonia

Italian team in Tenerife

Frosinone il liceo Severi a Tenerife alla scoperta di antichi mestieri

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Meeting in Italy 1st5th April 2019

Welcome to Italy

3rd TTLA meeting


Pizza Making


An interview on 3D workshop for a local TV network

PowerPoint – Guided tour to Pastena

Guided tour to the Pastena Caves and to the Museum of old jobs and crafts.

Images from Project Meeting – Pottery Laboratory – Visit to Veroli and Casamari Abbey near Frosinone

Concert in Cathedral of Santa Maria. Frosinone, Italy, 04/04/2019





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