Creative workshops at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija
and meetings with enterpreneurs

In April and May 2019, teaching, training workshops and meetings with entrepreneurs within the project Erasmus plus “From Tradition to the Future – Ancient Crafts and New entrepreneurial possibilities for Young People” were organized for pupils at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija. Some entrepreneurs were invited to the school: Mārīte Kronberga, a producer of homemade products, Olga Kazaka, a craftwoman from Zilupe, and Zeļči family. Also some teaching training activities took place outside the school. Pupils went to the hosts to get to know the entrepreneur environment in which masters work, produce their products, to gain knowledge and experience. For several classes, a meeting was held with the entrepreneur, the old craftswoman – bread baker Aina Borsukova from Karsava, some pupils visited a workshop of ancient and modern instruments in Rēzekne County, Gaigalava, where they met masters of the old trade Gunars and Rasma Igauņi, also some pupils visited entrepreneur – master Aldis Tihovskis, who works with laser cutting and engraving, pupils took part in making pipes from birch bark under the guidance of craftsman Juris Ivanovs. During the creative workshops, the pupils learned a variety of useful life skills, learned the history of ancient crafts, and also got information about starting, running and marketing products.


Workshops at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija

Final multimedia product about activities and meetings done during the project

Training, Learning and Teaching Activities in Frosinone, Italy

31st March – 6th April 2019

Training, Learning and Teaching Activities in
La Orotava, Tenerife

10th – 16th February 2019

Project dissemination

The IX Intergovernmental Pedagogical Experience Conference “Towards Modern Education”was organized at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija. 137 teachers from seven counties – Jekabpils, Dagda, Riebiņi, Zilupe, Viļāni, Kraslava, Ludza – participated in the work of the conference. In the six working groups, 41 reports were prepared by 47 teachers. Practical classes in various fields took place in six master classes. Masterclasses were led by 10 teachers of Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija.

Teacher Ilona Dukšte shared the experience on coordinating Erasmus plus project  “ From traditions to the future…” at Ludzas pilsētas ģimnāzija, communicated about the aim, tasks and the activities done during the project.

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Embroidery workshop for conference teachers: making book marks

Origami workshop for conference teachers: making birds and bird houses from paper

An exhibition of mittens devoted to Latvia`s 100th anniversary day

A collection of mittens with traditional Latvian patterns knitted by Ludza town gymnasium teachers, their mothers and grandmothers was displayed at school library.

Patriotic badge workshop for school pupils

Patriotic badge workshop was organized for Ludza town gymnasium pupils in order to create a symbolic badge. Pupils are wearing self-made badges during the concert devoted to Latvia’s 100th anniversary day on the 18th November.

Creative workshop in Social Center “Ludza”

At the end of November 2018, pupils and teachers from Ludza Town Gymnasium arrived at the Social Center “Ludza” with the aim of creating joy for the residents of the center, waiting for Christmas and organized an Advent wreath making workshop for pupils together with the center’s residents.

The inhabitants of the Social Center “Ludza”, the elderly people, who have been left without relatives` care and people with disabilities, were involved in the creative workshop, making their own Advent wreaths. The students of Ludza Town Gymnasium showed and helped the people of the Social center to create and decorate the wreaths.

Working together brought much pleasure to all the pupils and residents of the center.

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Training, Learning and Teaching Activities in Uhtna

In October 2018, Latvian Team (three teachers and six students) from Ludza pilsētas ģinmāzija had possibility to visit Uhtna Pohikool in Estonia and take part in TLTA – Training, Learning and Teaching Activities – meeting.

The purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with Estonian traditions, old trades and get basic knowledge in web marketing as well as online shops. Students and teachers took part in various creative workshops – cooking, clay, wood works, wool felting, making postcards, making gift boxes and calligraphy.

Training, Learning and Teaching Activities in Ludza

8th-14th April 2018

Host School: Ludzas Pilsetas Gimnazija –Ludza –Latvia

Participating partner schools:

Liceo Scientifico Francesco Severi- Frosinone- Italy

Uhtna Pőhikool – Uhtna –Estonia

IES Villalba Hervás – La Orotava –Tenerife– Canary Islands – Spain

The TLTA meeting was held at Ludzas pilsetas gimnazija, Ludza,LATVIA from 8thApril to 14thApril 2018.

Six students and three teachers from each partner school with host students and host school teachers took part to TLTA. During the TLTA meeting, guests and hosts participated in various activities, aiming both at developing the issues of the project and at making hosts discover Latgalian culture and handicraft traditions according to the project form.

Project implemented activities

On 8th April, arrival day,  all students met their host families. Teachers were accomodated in Hotel Lucija.

Activities on 9th April

    • Welcoming ceremony and presentation of main project objectives to Authorities, families and citizens in the school hall;
    • salutation speech by the Headmistress of host school Dzidra Dukšta, host school project coordinator Ilona Dukšte and main project coordinator Annadora Riondino;
    • concert of Latgalian folksongs and music; ancient dances display;
    • presentation of the region, the town, the Latvian educational system; the state of art and handicraft activities in Ludza;
    • project expectation questionnaire; visit of the school and its innovative facilities.
    • lunch at school canteen where project students and teachers tasted typical Latgalian food.
    • excursion around Ludza, visit of Catholic and Orthodox churches, 3D excursion on the Castle hill using tablets or smartphones to see the virtual reconstruction of the castle

Power point presentation of the town, region and Latvian educational system:

My country: click here

Before TLTA in Ludza Latvian students made a research about the state of arts.

Ludza is the oldest town in Latvia, which is located in the easten part of the region Latgale and Ludza is 248 km far away from Latvia’s capital city Riga. The town is located in a very beautiful area, which is surrounded by 5 lakes, many forests and hills. This part of Latvia had always been rich on ancient crafts.

Since ancient times people studied about and also created wonderful things for the home, for themselves and for sale. Crafts take up one of the leading sectors of the economy. In parallel with agricultural production, the marketing of crafts played an equally important role in the development of the district because the town is located along the East-West trading route.

To research ancient crafts in Ludza there are different possibilities: Ludza craftsmen Centre, the crafts of the county’s artisans displayed in the salon of the store:
ceramics, fabrics, wrought iron art, handicrafts, wood products, basketry, paintings, textiles, linen products, and pieces of art, etc. Here you can take part in different workshops, to study crafts.

It is possible to organize a degustation of Latgalian meals at “Latgaļu kukņa” – it is a member of the Culinary Heritage Network of Latgale.

In Ludza`s museum you can find a variety of rural construction objects such as: A windmill, a smoke house, a farmer’s dwelling house, a drying-house and a ceramics workshop.

The Ludza Museum of Regional Studies offers primary school students programs about Latvian traditions and festivities: “Meteņi in Latgale farmstead”, “Easter in Latgale farmstead”, “Miķeļdiena in Ludza museum” and “Mārtiņdiena in Latgale farmstead”.

Ludza art school offers not only modern art Technologies, but a way of creating art, using ancient crafts such as cermacis, wood workshop and painting.

Ludza town Gymnasium:

At Home Economics and Technology lessons the class is divided into two groups. The girls are separated from the boys.  At the lessons they study what crafts were used to make different products for home and sale. Using these knowledge the students try to make more modern things, using traditional patterns and style. The given knowledge is useful to maintain national traditions and identity.

Nowadays the girls and the boys learn the skills which are also important and useful in their daily life.

At Home Economics girls have the opportunity to acquire various handicrafts, like  crochet and knitting, textile art, weaving, sewing/ dressmaking. At the boy`s lab you can see them doing wood-carving ( carving spoons, candle holders and other objects). In presentation on ancient crafts` research we offer some insight into Ludza Town Gymnasium students’ works.

The result of their research was presented during TLTA. Here is the presentation:

Ancient crafts in Ludza: click here

The first day photos

Activities on 10th April

  • ice breaking activities for students;
  • logo presentation and competition: a jury formed by students chose host school’s logo as winner.
  • creative workshops for teachers and students in the art school labs: bag painting, felted wool soaps, pottery creation: under the guidance of experts, students and teachers learnt how to make objects by hand.
  • visit to an expert weaver’s shop to see how blankets, rugs, tablecloths, pillows are weaved using an ancient technique and how Latgalian weaving traditions live in the artist’s handworks, uniting the ethnographic motives with modern art;
  • practical weaving workshops for teachers and students at Local Children and Youth centre to make wool decorations, bracelets, rugs.

Students` logos which participated in logo competitions:


The winner logo:


The second day photos

Activities on 11th April

  • Teachers’ meeting in the school library to discuss organisational issues, project present state and future activities.

The main issues debated were :

  • next TLTA meeting dates confirmation;
  • host team presented results of expectation surveys ;
  • Italian team presented the project website and Google Classroom;
  • Estonian team presented project Facebook page- Ancient Crafts and Future Enterpreneurship 2017-2019 ;
  • website administrators for each team were chosen and invited to upload project materials there;
  • Italian team also presented photo galleries, power point presentations and video showing the project activities going on at their school such as a pottery workshop where refugees have been involved, research and excursion  on the steps of ancient crafts  in their area  and photos taken at Transnational project meeting in Frosinone.
  • agreements were taken for the creation of a virtual web marketing activity (to be worked on accurately at TLTA C2 in Estonia) and about the issuing of Euro pass mobility documents.
  • activities at Pedagogical museum and visit to local history museum to get deeper into Latgalian cultural heritage;
  • friendship bracelet weaving at school (for students)
  • visit to the Municipality of Ludza for teachers, welcoming salutation by the Town Mayor, presentation of the main activities of Latgalian region.
  • official evening for project teachers, students and families at school: dances, songs and games from project schools, typical Latgalian food degustation.

The third day photos

Activities on 12th April

  • demonstration of wicker works and linen rope for footwear by Craftsman Kipluks at school: he also showed how to create a whistle from a tree bark, as every young boy was able to do in the past: students made some ropes of linen, too.
  • wood working demonstrations and practical workshop for students and teachers to learn traditional decoration technique of wood Easter Eggs
  • visit to the Craftsmen Centre for demonstration of pottery and weaving workshops, presentation of ancient Latgalian legends connected with crafts objects, handicrafts and rural life
  • visit to the Synagogue for teachers
  • students prepared videos about visits and experiences in Ludza;
  • feedback questionnaire for students and teachers;
  • brainstorming activity to share ideas about the best way to carry out the web marketing of craft products on the project web site;
  • certificate of attendance delivery to all participants.
  • Farewell evening dinner for teachers and Disco party for students.


The fourth day photos


Activities on 13th April

  • didactic trip to Riga to visit Latvian Capital city
  • guided excursion around Riga to discover its wonderful monuments, historical buildings and museums
  • departure for Estonian team
  • Italian and Spanish team stayed in Riga until Sunday the 15th, due to flight connections


About TLTA meeting in Latvia there was information in school`s website:

and in Ludza municipality`s website:

Publication about TLTA meeting in local newspaper “Ludzas zeme”:


The First transnational meeting in Frosinone, Italy in November 2017

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