In April 2018, a group of 26 students visited The House of the Balconies, The Carpets Museum and   the Iberoamerican Museum of Art in La Orotava under the Erasmus+ project. In these three emblematic places the students were able to get into contact with our ancient traditions and culture.

The house of the balconies is a historic house and a museum built in 1632. The building has three stories featuring five wooden balconies.

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The Carpets Museum was founded to hold the beautiful carpets that are made every year to celebrate de Corpus Christi. The festivity is celebrated in the town since it was founded, yet it only gained the current importance after the middle of the XIX century, when a famous family made a flowers carpet in front of their property for the passage of the litter in the Corpus Christi. Since then, the famous La Orotava carpets have been travelling all over the world, attracting many visitors.

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